Channeling Lon #21 Listening From Your Heart

Channeling Lon #21

August 10, 2013

Where do you listen from? Seems an odd question I am sure, but where in your physical body do you hear from? Colleen is beginning to understand why she felt me hold her heart before we started this message today. She even began to cry without knowing why.


When you are able to listen through your heart, life changes. People change…well, your impression of them does at least. It is a different experience completely from listening from your head. When this happens through your heart space, the information is being filterer through love and Source rather than the bits and pieces of junk we collect through our life times. It is a clear window from which to experience life as opposed to the muddied windshield of our minds.


Are you starting to feel it?


Here is a challenge for those of you daring enough to accept…the next time you are feeling out of sorts, or talking to someone who upsets or irritates you, consciously move your focus from your mind to your heart space. You may even want to observe your interaction in your mind, put an imaginary box around it and transport that box to your heart space. See if, by changing the location of the thought/feeling/event, you have a different, more loving/calm/compassionate experience. Perhaps you will gain a new clarity.


Like any new habit, this one takes some practice and dedication. Be open to a shift. And remember…we are all more alike than we are different. We all want to be seen and heard for who we really are. This will help.


Until next time, from our heart space to yours,



Channeling Lon #20  Time To Play!

Channeling Lon #20 Time To Play!

It is time to be fully alive! Really, truly, fully alive! This is a time to break down barriers, especially those self inflicted. Time to regain childhood playfulness. Time to not care what anyone else thinks. Time to enjoy and be free and light hearted. Time to let go of the fear and just do it…it being whatever it is that you have been desirous of.

When the fear or reluctance hits your awareness, ask yourself this: What is the worst thing that could happen to me if I did this? You may be surprised how often the answer will be “embarrassment”. If this is indeed the worst case scenario…DO IT!!! Be free and embarrass yourself often because if you start jumping into life and trying new things, more than likely, you will indeed “mess up” and feel embarrassment. Well, you will if you are doing it right! With abandon!

Just remember…no one is judging you more than you are judging yourselves. And if they are, it is their problem, not yours. You are in this earthly life experience for YOU.

Enjoy and make a hilariously obnoxious fool of yourselves and have the time of your life doing it! You won’t be sorry.

Until next time,


Channeling Lon #19

Good morning! Thank you for joining us again. We are pleased, as always, to talk to all that are ready to move forward. We delight in playing with those of you who want more than what the eyes can see.


Do you feel impactful? Are you feeling that you are making a difference in your world? If you do not, you may not be looking closely enough. You may be measuring your impact by out dated means. Or perhaps by using someone else’s measuring device.


Let us assure you, beautiful souls, that by simply loving yourself, you are impacting and benefitting the world. For every smile to a friend or a stranger, you are giving to and impacting the world. Every appreciation of beauty is a positive impact. Every act of love and generosity, no matter how “small”, is you impacting your world in a positive way and everyone benefits.


We understand that this is not how you are trained, and this is not what is celebrated on your televisions and magazines, but please rest assured…it all makes a difference. Anything that raises your vibration is of benefit to all.


Let us look a little more closely at self love: we suggest that you notice when you feel the most love for yourself. What is happening at these times? Is your self love dependent on external events? Do you only feel love for yourself when everything is going “right”? And when things turn in another, less wanted direction, does your love fade or disappear? Or worse, turn to self hatred?


This month, Colleen has very intimately experienced that her love for herself has become dependent on how much money she makes…or doesn’t make. As if her income makes her lovable, or not. What a ridiculous notion! How many of you have experienced this conditional love? And not only for yourselves, but for others as well?


Our suggestion is to look for where you conditionally love yourselves and find even deeper love and appreciation for you at those times. Love is always the goal.


As always, you may call upon us to guide and assist you in all of this!


Until next time,