About Colleen

In 2011, Colleen retired from chiropractic in order to focus fully on her true calling: Energy Work. The work she does is very unique and organic. Unlike other forms of energy work, such as Reiki or Theta Healing, which tend to be passive in nature, a one-on-one session is very interactive and conversational.

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Ready For a Shift?

Do you ever wonder why that one person bugs you so much, but everybody else loves them? Or why you are so afraid of crossing bridges or being in water? Do you have special “gifts” that you think make you look crazy and no one could ever understand so you feel compelled to hide the real you?

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Keep up with these expanding and changing energetic times with my latest articles, videos, and recommendations. These are intended to help you feel your BEST as you shift during this exciting time in history!  I would love to know what subjects YOU would like to see addressed in future postings!

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