I truly believe that there is tremendous magic enclosed in what triggers us.

This may sound crazy because triggers can feel downright HORRIBLE!

You know why they feel so unpleasant?

                              TO GET OUR ATTENTION!

I see triggers as old energy, bubbling up to the surface, giving us the opportunity to address them and clean them up.

And when this old energy is finally handled, it’s like another bit of your perception windshield is clear.  And life gets better and better. And the path before us becomes more clear and more FUN.

And I get it…the problem is, of course, how does one do this energy cleaning?

Well, I have made it my life’s work to figure this stuff out.  And as I discover more and more tools to address my triggers, believe it or not, I have gotten to the place that no matter how upset I feel at any time, I know that when I am ready, I will sit down, pick up my pendulum, and start getting to the heart of the trigger.

And my intention is to keep finding useful tools to share with you, so that you can feel increasingly more and more powerful and less afraid.

So, stay tuned my fellow sensitive souls!  We are sensitive for a reason.  How we feel MATTERS. These sensitivities are GIFTS.  And my mission is to help my fellow empaths understand our own unique magic so we can bring our light to a world in chaos.

The world needs us more than ever.

Are you ready?





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