Creating Daily Joy


Being human is hard.  Let’s face it.  No one really knows what to do.  We all just do our best.  And when we find something that gives life more meaning, love and joy, we have the ability to choose to do more of whatever that is.  We have free will.

In addition to free will, we also come equipped with automatic, hardwired worrying capacity.  And if you are like me, this was set on “go full blast” since very early childhood.

I have naturally always looked for the hidden or not so hidden dangers/threats, and ONLY after that is accounted for, then I MAY find some space for feeling relief and the good stuff.  Not a great system!

But lately, something is shifting for me.  I am experimenting with conscious deliberate focus on the myriad of “little” things that give me relief/joy/pleasure/comfort/fun/inspiration throughout my day.

I think that I have always felt that the “fun” stuff was a sort of reward for dealing with the crap…and only if there was room for it.  I now know this is backwards thinking.

Now, I believe that I can be better at what I do, in every way, when my main focus is not on the future, and getting ahead, and forcing my way through the things that do not give me joy.  My life opens up in unexpected ways when the majority of my focus is on my joy.

Joy is different for all of us.  What I may find joyful, others may find silly or boring.  Who cares?!?!  What I have come to realize, again and again, is that comparing myself to anyone else is emotionally damaging and only leads to more worry…and therefore, less joy.

When I focus on the quest for more and more, I am left with less and less energy and motivation.  However, when I focus on the little, “freelicious”, simple things in my life, I am reenergized and inspired.  I become increasingly satisfied with “enough” as opposed to “more”.

This all really boils down to living in a more constant state of appreciation.  When you can appreciate what you have, you open up to more possibilities and magic.

And ultimately, you just feel better.

For those that want to kick it up another notch, share your appreciation for others out loud.  Our lovely landlord always manages to let us know that he appreciates us, and I let him know how much we appreciate him.  It raises the vibration and feels wonderful.  It is amazingly refreshing to hear, out loud, when others appreciate us.  I think too many of us assume that they know how we feel, but you know what they say about assuming!

I will end this thought with saying that I appreciate you for taking the time to read this and consider this idea.

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