During a very dark period of my life, Colleen’s services were so valuable. She supported my releasing multiple non-physical energies attached to me. I knew something was dragging me down, and didn’t recognize how many folks were hanging on! The result for me was my increased ability and interest in caring for my personal being, my improved ability to make decisions and coming out of the sludge of depression to take action and change my life circumstances. The mask of those attached energies went deep! Feeling them release was a turning point.


I want to thank you for all the work you do for humanity–but especially for helping me through the tough and beautiful times in my life!


Man–I don’t even know what to say–but THANK YOU…you’ve taught me and shown me so much–empowered me to trust myself and helped me to tap back into the Source. I don’t know if anyone could give anything more wonderful. The most amazing thing now to to be able to help others–to feel strong in my visions and self–to keep wanting to give. You help me so much–when I get a little lost.

You are the bomb, Colleen


Issues addressed: physical ailments, shoulder/elbow/wrist pain, severe exhaustion, family issues, relationship issues, and why I continuously drew in men with addictions. Also addressed: Releasing my recently deceased grandmother from my energy field and clearing my heart wall. I feel more like myself than I have felt in months, maybe even a year. I feel more open to the world, more communicative, more energized, balanced and able to handle difficult situations gracefully. I am more in tune with my unspoken connections with clients, friends, and loved ones. I am manifesting goals much more quickly. You rock! Thank you. You are appreciated, gifted and amazing. Your caring, kind, funny, personable and supportive nature really shine through in the work you do.


Colleen cleared some very negative energy from my discontented sister (that has been building since I was very young) and also was able to clear my sister (who was not present), which may help her to experience more joy and contentment. Colleen was also able to clear energy associated with some troublesome events in my earlier years and I am thrilled to say that I no longer give those experiences a thought. I felt immediately lighter and brighter after my session with Colleen. I would, without hesitation, recommend her services to anyone seeking answers to concerns or seeking to free themselves of unwanted feelings and/or thoughts. My session was extremely liberating.I feel very fortunate to have met and worked with Colleen. She exudes an incredible zest for life and love for those who come across her path. Truly a joyful experience. I believe Colleen has many gifts and is capable of helping anyone move away from challenging thoughts/feelings/events and move toward lightness and liberation.


I began working with Colleen in 2010 for treatment regarding some traumatic events in my childhood that I barely remembered. At the time, I was participating in a personal growth seminar, and it became clear that I could not move forward with my “trust issues” without some intervention. I had already undergone years of therapy earlier in my life and it helped, but there was something blocking me that I couldn’t quite understand. I was referred by a friend who mentioned that in addition to clearing things from the past, Colleen also did past life clearing which I thought might be helpful in my case.From the very first treatment I had a complete paradigm shift. Not only was I able to get some clarity around my childhood experiences, but Colleen also introduced me to several spirit guides whom I have come to rely upon for direct help. I’ve seen Colleen dozens of times over the last few years, and can say without hesitation that each session opens up something new and wonderful, and clears out any old lingering or dead energy that is blocking my path or keeping me stuck in some way.

Colleen’s work with her guides and helpers is a collaborative, fluid process. She and her crew are able to clear me of negative energy, trapped emotions, and limiting beliefs that are outside of my awareness (vows, oaths and contracts). They clear other peoples’ negative energy that has gotten stuck to me, heal relationships from past lives, reintegrate fragmented pieces of my soul, and cut psychic cords, as well as healing physical pain and symptoms. In addition, Colleen has been able to use me as a surrogate to heal physical and emotional issues for my daughter, ex-husband, and other intimate friends. Just recently, she cleared a demon (fallen Angel) from my daughter. The difference in her personality was drastic and unmistakable. she transformed from a surly, complaining, argumentative and depressed pre-teen to a cheerful, helpful, energetic child who has stopped living in her bedroom and is “looking forward to the added responsibility of middle-school.” Unbelievable! I’m so grateful! It would have been easy to just attribute my daughter’s attitude to being a “tween”; we have so much societal agreement for that belief. She (and I) would have continued to suffer and our relationship continue to erode. Thanks to Colleen and her amazing work, my daughter has a chance to have a completely different experience of her life and continue to find her place in the world without someone else’s energy crippling her. What a gift.

On the expansion side of things it’s a little harder to describe the enormous influence her work has had on my life. If I can use an analogy to illustrate the effects of Colleen’s treatment, if would be this: Imagine living in a plexiglass box, with no idea that you’re limited by walls you can’t see. You’re able to move within the walls of the box, and no further. Your box my be quite large; you may only be vaguely aware that you are constrained somehow; maybe you think that’s just how it is. Colleen and her guides then lift the box off and make it disappear completely. No more box. Without the limits of the plexiglass walls, the whole world opens up and becomes available for you to explore. Life is open in a way it wasn’t before, in a way you didn’t know was possible. So much more becomes available. The effects of the treatment continue to work and expand me long after I leave the session.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I had not met Colleen and been introduced to her practice. Naturally, thinks still come up to be cleared; as I continue to evolve, I become ready to expand in new and different ways. I am so grateful to have Colleen as my resource for that and so much more. Who knew that so much more was possible?

Thanks, Colleen!!”


I sincerely want to thank you for all that you are and all that you do in this world; seriously. This “thing” you do has done so much good for me in my life. I was once a truly. frightened and introverted human; afraid of both my own abilities and the things outside of myself that I believed could usurp my power. I lived the last 25 or so years of my life crippled with specters from the past and emotions that I have discovered were not even my own. I harbored the burden of carrying loads I inherited unconsciously; I fought fights that were not mine, while simultaneously failing to win my own internal battles. Through the transformative work I’ve experienced with you, I have been able to enjoy a deep level of peace; not an “ashram” sort of zen peace, but something all the more powerful to me–the understanding that not only am I not alone in “this”, and that there is HOPE–that I can live my life, that I can survive this world, that I can be.I survived 25 years of abysmal distress and arrived broken and terrified, having just enough will to start undertaking my healing journey in a much deeper and faster way because of the work that you do.I don’t even know if this message encapsulates my gratitude, so I’ll just say this: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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