How to Cultivate and Practice the Art of Allowing

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Listen now or download my conversation with energy healer Dr. Colleen McCann

Practicing the art of allowing means you are flowing, surrendering and trusting the creative process while forcing means you are in a place of constriction, distrust and fear.

Attempting to force something into existence is going against the current of life. The key to the art of allowing is settling into the awareness that we are a part of a loving and supportive universe that is here to manifest what we want.

According to Colleen we are all surrounded by helpers and guides in non-physical form who are waiting for us to ask for help. She points out that we are here to experience free will and it is not up to our guides to step in and help. They understand what we are here to learn and go through. When you ask for help, you essentially give them “permission” to intercede on your behalf and begin orchestrating what you want.

Colleen offers the following three-point plan for practicing the art of allowing:

  1. Ask for what you want
  2. Know that you have been heard
  3. Let it go

I, like many others, get tripped up on the third step. I have a hard time trusting the process. But I find the more I let things go, the more opportunities there are for me to see the results. These experiences stack and build trust.

In our conversation, Colleen offers several ways to communicate with non-physical guides including the use of a pendulum and/or muscle testing, as well as paying attention to the way your body feels. Check out our conversation to learn more.

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