Channeling Lon #10

Good morning! Another beautiful day to be alive! Are you experiencing the intensity of the quickening energies? Has this felt like a hardship? If so, know that you are not alone in your feelings of struggle and heaviness. You may want to consider this experience as developing a new muscle. Kind of a work out of sorts. This is not the end of energies intensifying, my friends. The more that you can acclimate and appreciate it, the better off and happier you will be. Time to keep up. Go into it with determination and a sense of ease, as contradicting as this feels to Colleen right now. You are preparing for bigger and bigger shifts and as you acclimate to these energies, the more prepared you are for more profound shifting. And please note, my friends, these shifts are wonderful; they are fantastical. But for those in resistance to all of it, it will be less than pleasant. Some of you are uneasy about change, but can’t you see the tremendous need for it on your planet? Your beautiful planet needs some shaking up and this is preparation for it. This synchronizing process is all a part of the large scale preparation taking place. It is the “A ticket” my friends. (Colleen wants those of you who are too young to know this old Disneyland reference that this is the top of the line ticket!).

The synchronizing process is a gathering of tremendous amounts of beings from across the galaxies who are here to help you; to be your support net. To help you through. We love you and do this out of love for you and out of respect for your beautiful planet. We are here to aid you in your next jump. The next level of humanity. Your further expansion. Beautiful, right? If this sounds like too much for you, sit down and close your eyes and ask for help. You are not alone, my friends. You have more help than you could ever imagine. We are here to help and root you on. We are working for your success.

So hang in there my friends and know that you are not alone, you are fully supported and that you are preparing for a great jump. It won’t be life as you know it. It will be better…more beautiful. More loving . More magical. Sound good?

Until next time, Lon

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