Channeling Lon #11


Good morning. Are you finding yourself feeling lost? With no clear direction? As if your compass has failed you? If so you are not alone. This is indeed a time of great change and a time of recalibration. This is a time to weather the storm…hold on to whatever can anchor you. You will find your direction and clear purpose. We promise. In these changing times, our advice is to be like a very tall tree, for example, Colleen’s favorite the palm tree, and gracefully bend and sway in these windy times. Not breaking, just bending and swaying. Know that your roots are deep enough to keep you safe and grounded. Continue to ease into the new higher vibrations and acclimate to them. If these energies make you feel uncomfortable, just know that they are allowing you to shed off the old, tired energies that are no longer serving you. You, like Colleen, may be revisiting old feelings, old patterns, and your job is to simply acknowledge them and let them go. The more you do this, the better and lighter you will feel. You are not lost…you are simply feeling your way home through energies of the past.


Be grateful for these times that feel less than pleasant. They are clearance times. Releasing the old and making room for the glorious new.


Hang in there, my friends! The best is indeed yet to come!!!



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