Channeling Lon #12

Hello friends!


Who are you? Do you have any idea as to who you are? Do you know that you are bigger than a mountain? More powerful than the sea? More brilliant than the most intricate designs of nature? Do you know that you once knew this and have forgotten?


Our suggestion to you is to, as Colleen would say, “try it on for a while”. Try on having a knowing that this is true. See if just by being open to the possibility you crack through the facade that you all have of what is “real”.


This may sound like science fiction, but this knowing is what we are proceeding toward at an ever increasing pace. When you feel discomfort, basically it is you not meshing with YOU. There seems to be a feeling of incongruence. The wider the gap between you and YOU, the more discomfort. The lesser the gap, the more joy and magic. All you need to do is decide that you are willing to play with this idea and “try it on”.


That’s it for now. Lon


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