Channeling Lon #13


Well, it’s been a while, but here we go!


Hello everyone. It’s good to speak with you all again.


This has been quite a time of transitions and changes, yes? Fast, yet slow. Exciting, yet dreadful at times. We appreciate the extent to which many of you are attempting to go with the flow of it. Not easy, we know. We want you to remember during these times, that you are doing well, and you are safe, and everything is unfolding perfectly, despite the physical, emotional and spiritual discomfort you may be experiencing.


One might compare this to growing pains. You are becoming bigger. You are expanding into previously unknown territory. You are on the front lines of expansion and that is far from easy for most of you as it doesn’t seem to fit with the world you have known up to now. Don’t worry dear ones. It really is all perfect. I almost wish that I could offer you the chance to go back to your old life, but would you really want that? “Comfortable”, yet numb? Stifled awareness? We don’t think so.


Colleen has really been going through it lately in various cycles of growth. The most recent was a shedding, if you will, of her old self and a birthing or hatching, as Dave put it, into her bigger self. This left her feeling extremely raw and vulnerable, but as difficult as it has been, she has allowed it and expressed her raw emotions like never before. Because of this, she feels cleaner and ready to move forward. She is always up for the next step.


There is no going back and this is a good thing. You are warriors on the forefront of expansion. Be open to your guides and your internal guidance. Surround yourselves with the best of everything…friends, family, entertainment, beauty, fun that support your growth. Stay away as much as possible from anything and anyone who inhibits growth and expansion. We need you at your best and most allowing of expansion. There are many of us that are awaiting your “ok” to help you on your path. You just need to, as Colleen loves to say, “sign our permission slips” so that we can be of service to you and your planet.


Massive shifting is happening and we appreciate, with all of our being, those of you who are desirous to be part of it.


We love you and look forward to our work together.



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