Channeling Lon #14


Hello again. On this holiday, the name “Thanksgiving” is something to pay attention to in a more profound way than ever before. (This channel will be more of a vibrational message than anything, so feel it to your highest capacity.)


Everything is a gift. Everything. Everything is something to be grateful for. Your mind will undoubtedly immediately find evidence to the contrary, but it is true.


Colleen experienced this yesterday on her way up to visit friends in Sacramento. Before leaving on their journey, they discovered that Dave’s truck had been broken into and the contents were taken. This included his chiropractic table and some other adjusting tools that he wanted to bring on the trip. He took responsibility for his potential part in the loss, and Colleen supported him and didn’t get upset.


As they embarked on their drive, Colleen suddenly experienced profound gratitude for all of it in a way that was new for her. She was filled with amazement and trust in the perfection of the orchestration of her life. She wondered if the delay that it caused may have prevented them from being in the path of an accident, or perhaps that table, being so old needed to be replaced so that no one would be hurt on it, or any of a million possibilities. She just knew that it was perfect in the big picture.


Are you beginning to get the feeling of this?


The more you can allow for the possibility that all is indeed well and that you are surrounded by helpers in many forms, and not fall into the trap of blaming others when things don’t happen in the way you perceive is appropriate, life will shift for you.


We invite you to play with the idea that your life is ready to open up for you in magical seeming ways if only you allow it. Things are not what they appear to be,my friends…it is so much more and the expansion that is available is only limited by you.


Be conscious of your gratitude and slow to judge what you have “known” to be “wrong” or “unfair” and trust in the beauty of a loving, magnificent universe and be willing to find your perfect place in the unfolding of the magic.


As always, we are here to be of service and fun and support for you; you

simply need to ask.


Know that you are loved well beyond the confines of your lovely planet and we look forward to playing with you.


Until next time,




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