Channeling Lon #15

Greetings! We are entering a time of great celebrations and an intense energetic shift. As energies get stronger and stronger, it is a wonderful time to fully enjoy the parties and gatherings of all kinds. One reason for this is that by gathering with like minded people with whom you have fun, you allow yourself to acclimate to the energies at a more rapid pace. In other words, you are in the most allowing place to keep up to speed, if you will.


As always, we advise, or, highly recommend, that you do your best to allow the new energies to flow through you without impedance to the best of your ability. We understand that this is no easy task, but we admire the capacity in which more and more of you are able to go with the flow through these white water rapid-like times.


Colleen, in difficult times, often reframes how she looks at the situation to make it more empowering or tolerable and sometimes even renames it. And this is what we suggest to you at this time…you can call it your Wild Ride to Awesomeville, USA, as Colleen might say. She does her best when she can make it amusing and fun for herself. She has definitely learned the profound value of having fun!


Find things that makes you happy and help you to be in the vibration of fun and levity during this ride. Let go of those who do not value fun and laughter. They are on a very different ride, I guarantee it. Those who are on the ride to “Awesomeville” are on this particular ride due to an ever expanding understanding, or knowing, that tremendous delights are being orchestrated from a much broader perspective than what you can “see”.


We are so delighted that you have chosen this particular ride and always remember we are with you to help…you only need ask.



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