Channeling Lon #16

How are you feeling? Is there any sense of let down after the “big day” (12/21/12)? Much ado has been made about one particular day and many predictions have been made. Many prophecies have been thrown about. But, if Colleen is any example, life is rolling along as usual. Nothing dramatic. Just seemingly another day.


Shifting has happened and will continue to happen to the degree you allow it. This is a process, not an event. The more you open yourself up to the magic, or even just the possibility of the magic of life, the more shifting you will be aware of. Colleen has felt an ever increasing shifting for the last few years, so more shifting almost feels normal to her.


With so much build up to 12/12/12, this has created more of a global community of those who are ready for change…ready to move beyond the mere 3rd density way of life. It’s been a fork in the road for anyone waking up. A crossroads at which you ask yourself, “Am I willing to experience this awakening and learn to fly or would I prefer to stay asleep and continue plodding along?” The choice, my friends, is always yours and always available, regardless of what the date is on your calendar. This is your soul’s journey and your decision when and where to go.


Colleen has been telling more and more people that when you open up to the magic of the unseen, life opens up and gets better and better and more and more fun. As always, we invite you to join the party.


Until next time,




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