Channeling Lon #17

This is very difficult for Colleen today. She is feeling out of sorts, and down and wondering if she has lost her sense of purpose. She doesn’t want to be channeling today and feels that it is getting harder every time rather than easier. She fears that she is doing it wrong. She is doubting her worth as a human…as if she is doing that wrong too.


Do any of you ever have these same feelings? Like you are doing life wrong? As we are writing this , she is thinking “what the hell…why are you exposing me like this?”


The fact is, that when you compare yourself to anyone, you are doing a disservice to you and therefore the world. You, my beautiful friends, are here to be you. End of story. No comparisons necessary.


Colleen has the entire day to herself. Her appointment had to reschedule, so she is free to do anything. When she compares herself to others, she feels that she should go somewhere, do something on this beautiful sunny day. However, more and more, she has no desire to do anything away from the house if she is alone (and Dave is out of town). She just wants to mess around at home and relax and enjoy herself. However, that enjoyment is diluted or destroyed by comparing herself to what she thinks she “should” be doing.


My question to all of you is…Who decides what you “should” do? Or who you “should” be? What if you, even as just a little experiment, YOU become the “who” in this equation, even just for one day. What if you were to leave all judgement and comparisons at the door and just be YOU. Anyone interested in playing this game? I dare you!


When you all see your individual perfection, life will become so much more.


Until next time,



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