Channeling Lon #2


Well, I, Colleen, don’t feel like doing this right now, but Lon insists on now. So now I am just waiting for his signal…the ol’ eye twitch!

So, I checked in, using my pendulum, and got that Hall was going to do something to help me channel more efficiently. He said that it would hurt. After much checking, I decided to go ahead with it. It didn’t hurt at all. I got that it should have been painful, but due to Corrinn’s work on my 3rd eye 2 days ago, I was prepared for this.

Then, Star and Daria came in to give me a channeling upgrade…finally!

Now Lon is here…let’s see what he has to say today…I’m excited!!!!

Greetings. I’m here today to say that you are doing so so well. I am so proud of those of you who are eager to listen and change your paradigm because clearly the old one isn’t working. When we gather like this, magic happens. I know that some of you feel it. Trust me…there is so much more to come. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Exciting. When you open to the magic, that is when it gets really good and free. Colleen is feeling it more and more and more. She is learning the art of allowing and trusting and letting go of attachments that she once held onto so tightly. The ego is shifting for all of you and the more you can let it go, the happier and free you will be. Please note…this doesn’t mean let go of your unique personalities. Quite the opposite. The ego is not your unique personality although it will most definitely tell you otherwise It is a trickster of the most devious kind and so desperately wants you to hold it tightly. Don’t be fooled my dear ones. The real you is desperately trying to reveal itself and you only have to start allowing it in. This may sound odd, but when you can, talk to the real you…your higher self. Out loud. Invite it to reveal itself to you. Think of it almost as a timid child who needs lots of encouragement and tons of love. Be kind and gentle, not pushy or impatient and see what is revealed to you. This may be a slow process or may move in stops and starts, but it will happen. Just invite it in and also invite the false you to begin to shed away, also with love and patience. Interesting huh?

Be very gentle with yourselves during this time of change and shifting. Stay in the now despite whatever noise is occurring around you. Be the eye of the storm. Please feel free to call on me as you wish for assistance with this. I assure you all that the true “yous” are beautiful beyond your wildest dreams. I love you all. Until we meet again. Lon.

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