It is time to be fully alive! Really, truly, fully alive! This is a time to break down barriers, especially those self inflicted. Time to regain childhood playfulness. Time to not care what anyone else thinks. Time to enjoy and be free and light hearted. Time to let go of the fear and just do it…it being whatever it is that you have been desirous of.

When the fear or reluctance hits your awareness, ask yourself this: What is the worst thing that could happen to me if I did this? You may be surprised how often the answer will be “embarrassment”. If this is indeed the worst case scenario…DO IT!!! Be free and embarrass yourself often because if you start jumping into life and trying new things, more than likely, you will indeed “mess up” and feel embarrassment. Well, you will if you are doing it right! With abandon!

Just remember…no one is judging you more than you are judging yourselves. And if they are, it is their problem, not yours. You are in this earthly life experience for YOU.

Enjoy and make a hilariously obnoxious fool of yourselves and have the time of your life doing it! You won’t be sorry.

Until next time,


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