Channeling Lon #3


I am so pleased of all of the positive responses. Thank you all for you openness and hospitality! We are pleased to inform you all of our news. We are shifting at such a rapid pace and we are here to help you acclimate to this and expand at a comfortable yet exiting rate. This isn’t your imaginations as you call them, although your “imaginations” are a beautiful thing…but not what you have been told they are. They are your true selves coming through. You have been taught to ignore this and somehow make it less than…like it doesn’t matter. The children get it, and now it is time to become again like the children and acknowledge the true beauty of these things you call your imaginations. Start listening to what comes up for you. play with it, allow yourselves to feel the fun and playfulness and genius within your “imaginings”. What do they tell you? Is it some fantastical idea you have always had that you see no way to produce? Is it a far off place that you dream of? Is it that beautiful “fantasy life” that you always wanted? The possibilities are endless as you can see. Let it just start by being fun; playtime, but with an attitude of allowing and adventure. Don’t’ hold back. Allow yourself to be engulfed in the joy of it..really feel it. What do you see? What do you smell? What colors stand out? Who are you with? Be in it. Spend some time there and revel in the beauty and fun of it. Fun has always been so important to Colleen and there is a reason for that. It’s because it has been a sign as to what is truly important and worth looking at and pursuing. People seem to be very attached to doing what is reasonable. What an atrocious way to behave! When something is fun, it is something to pay closer attention to. And if something is fun, ask yourself why it is so. Is it fun down to the depths of your soul even if you can’t explain it? That, my friends is something truly worth exploring. But people will think I’m crazy, Lon! Don’t worry about them. They haven’t yet caught up to accessing the magic that is available in every one of you. They are still under the veil/illusion that being who you really are is just fantasy, or a wild dream. Well, I am here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is reality but on a different, playing field. This is available to everyone and only the most courageous seekers of truth will understand on a deep level. Give it a try and see how you feel. Be playful everyday, all day . You are in a wonderful playground and are fortunate to be here. Life isn’t drudgery as most believe. It is pure joy and the wisest among you will tell you the same. Time to break free from the dreary lessons about what life is that was taught in school, what your parents told you and what is portrayed on your televisions and news casts. It’s time to literally open your eyes and start to witness first hand all the magic that abounds. It is who you are. I promise you. If this feels like silliness, then ask to be part of the “silliness” because it is where the magic is. Watch the children and see what they are up to. They get it until someone “reasonable” convinces them to forget who they are. Stop being reasonable and start playing again. You won’t be sorry! Until next time and with all of my love, Lon

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