Channeling Lon #4


I am so sleepy…Lon wanted to do this at 8:00 a.m. today despite my protests. Yes, 8:00 is early for me!

Greetings! What I have to share with you today is of great importance. The shifting has become so intense and great that we have been monitoring who among you is ready for a jump. Yes…a jump. A jump in reality. We have been preparing Colleen for a process that she has started doing in her practice. She calls it “that synchronization thing”. As always, her language downplays the hugeness of this only because she is afraid of being wrong. She’s not. She knows that this is something big. She can feel it. She has been chronicling her experiences with it and is very excited.

Basically, there are “others” as Colleen calls us, who want to synchronize with some of you who are ready for a bigger shift. This is in order to help you and help them help you. This is a beautiful connection taking place. When you become connected through this process with a group of us, reality will shift as a result. You will be in a more profound position to receive messages, infusions, upgrades, etc., whatever is appropriate for you. This connection becomes very clear. Unimpeded. Colleen is very excited about this. “Others” enroll to be in your alpha group and then others may join later and synch in. Colleen started with about 25 and a few days later had 71 and had a more profound experience.

This synching in with your group will be of support and expansion for you. It will be of usefulness as you step out of your old egoic selves and into who you were born to be. This is a great time of expansion for those who are ready to play a big game. This is a time to throw caution to the wind and say a hearty yes to being you…your true authentic selves. Colleen has been struggling with this one and she keeps shaking her head…

doesn’t want to mention it here. But she is not alone in her resistance to her own greatness. She, like all of you, have been carefully programmed to not see yourselves clearly. Not see your magnificence. To explain it away . To not take any credit. As Colleen would say, “what a load of crap” you’ve been fed all of your lives. Well, my dear ones, it is time to let all of that go. Time for a paradigm shift beyond what you have ever considered. Are you ready? Colleen often says “Bring it”. Are you ready to bring it? If so, we are here to help you.

Are you excited yet? Are you willing to take this quantum leap? We hope so.

With love and gratitude, Lon

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