Channeling Lon #5


I feel super unready for this. Tired and a little down. But Lon says this is going to happen, so who am I to argue!

Being free. Isn’t that what we all want? To move about our worlds unfettered? This is a time of unfettering. Releasing the chains of the past. They don’t really exist, you know. Damage is done and we hold onto to scars like a prized battle wound. Why? So silly. Do you feel that is what makes you human? These dramatic experiences? Is that why you enjoy your ludicrous television programs? Problems seem to be a source for your entertainment. Why is that? There must be a value that you place on having problems. This is something important to consider. This is all distraction, my friends. Pure distraction from your beautiful selves. Why revel in someone else’s garbage when you could bask in the glory of you? Food for thought. What would you do with yourself if you had no problems and no one you know had anything for you to worry about? Would life be worth living? Can you even imagine such a scenario? Could there be any purpose to you being in your bodies if there was nothing to fix??? I will leave you with that to ponder. Just know, we want to help you figure this out. Lon

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