Channeling Lon #7


Is everyone ready? Ready for more shifting? For those of you who know you are ready, hooray! For those of you who don’t yet know it, be gentle with yourselves and consider the possibility of opening up to change..positive change. Exciting changes that are ahead. Do you welcome change? Or do you feel the need to hold on tightly to what was and has been? We invited you to welcome change with open arms and open hearts, knowing that it is safe and the way to be free. We emphasize freedom to a great extent because that is what you are ultimately striving for. Lovely, yes? To reiterate, this is a process of of allowing that may begin gradually but will gain momentum over time and with diligence. Many of you consider change to be scary, holding onto your past like a sad little life raft, but please know, that is not in any way safe. If is more like being chained to the dock., unable to move freely. Do you understand? By allowing yourselves to welcome and embrace change and flow with it, you are, in essence, loosening the chains of bondage that have been keeping you in a dysfunctional holding pattern for far too long, my friends. Be light about letting go. Be light yet serious about forgiving others who have wronged you, who have deceived you, who have let you down, and just as importantly, possibly even more importantly and crucially, forgive yourselves for what you have done, and haven’t done…all of it. There is great freedom in forgiveness and it creates a literal beacon for change and positive shifting. (Colleen is amused at the nautical theme here.) We like to amuse her! There is a reason for this…Colleen holds laughter and fun at a very high rating in her life and lightness and levity are your true natures, so we enjoy this immensely!

So…are you ready to loosen the chains of the past that bind you to stagnation? If so, be prepared for magic, light, love and a wonderful ride to freedom and joy! Why would you say no?

We are so grateful and in high appreciation for all of you reading this and for Colleen’s trust and allowing to put this forth. Colleen loves a quote from Abraham…”there is never a crowd on the leading edge” and we agree with this. It takes courage to break free and more importantly live free, out loud, when so many around you are stuck. We are always here to help…you just need to ask, or as Colleen would say, “sign our permission slip” to help you! We love you and admire you all greatly.

Until we meet again, Lon

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