Channeling Lon #8

Greetings and beautiful morning to you all! I’m so glad to be here talking to you all again. Are you starting to feel more of the magic? Of the change in energy? Or the speed at which things are happening? If so, you are on the right track. These things may come about clearly and suddenly for some, but for the majority, it is an incremental subtle shifting and it expands and increases with each realization/ conscious acknowledgment you have of the shifts/signs. Think of it like a treasure hunt. Make it a game…a playful activity where you “get a point” or “move forward on the board” whenever you notice a synchronicity or a magic feeling. Yes…that would indeed make it more fun! As we’ve said before and it bears repeating, fun is important. Not just ok if you’ve earned it with hard work. It is important in itself. Fun for the sake of fun. Isn’t that lovely? That’s not what you are taught, or at least most of you, but it is the truth. When you are having fun, you are glimpsing you. You, the bigger, more expansive you is always having fun. Always. So really, when you truly enjoy yourself and are playful and silly and free, you are feeling you. As we are writing this, Colleen is starting to cry. She gets it. Your training has been so backward, my friends. You were taught that play was ok when you were small, but as you got older, play was “for children”. Well, as we’ve said before, the children are the ones who get it until someone convinces them otherwise. Strange, isn’t it? People stop having fun, stop enjoying life, get sick and die. That doesn’t need to be the case. And yes, some people do have fun and still die, but what we want to emphasize here today is that you are doing yourselves a huge service when you increase your fun and decrease your toil. Find ways to make your work more fun, more magical. Ask your nonphysical friends for assistance and see what happens. Take it easy and lightly my friends because this puts you in a position of power, believe it or not. It decreases your dense energy and makes you more adaptable to change.

We think you are doing wonderfully and look forward to “playing” with you all again soon! Lon


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