Channeling Lon #9


The key to happiness is being yourself. Your authentic self. Not somebody else. Not somebody your parents, friends, spouses, coworkers want you to be. The real you. Not who the commercials say you should be, or not be. You. Your true self. And quite frankly, depending how wrapped up you are in society and what is “normal”, you may not even have a clue as to who you really are. As wonderful as Colleen is, and as open and trusting as she is, she is only just barely starting to get who she is. She is getting a sense of her power and those around her help her to see it more and more, but she can’t truly fathom (yet) who she is and the vast majority of you don’t yet get it either.

Who you are is magnificent and quite honestly, if you saw YOU in your full glory, all at once, you would not only be unaware that it was really indeed you, but you would also be in such awe it wouldn’t make sense to you. As our friend Kelly would say, you are so 3D or third dimensional density that you would not recognize you outside of this 3D world. We are shifting, my friends to a higher, less dense, dimension in which you can start seeing YOU more clearly. Some of you, in fact more and more of you every day, are getting on board for seeing more of yourselves. This pleases us to no end! And once again, for those of you who are not yet willing to shift and start seeing YOU in a new way, we send you love and will wait patiently for you to catch up. It is our feeling that if you are reading this message, you are not one of those people anyway!

So, our message to you today is to continue to practice allowing. Allowing yourselves to be open to glimpsing YOU. Glimpsing the magic that is happening all around you. See the signs of bigger, more magnificent times to come. This is indeed a tremendously powerful and exciting time in history and we, as always , want you to know that you are not alone in this time of transformation and massive paradigm shifting. Be open to finding those who are on a similar path. It makes it more fun and quickens the expansion process when you can play with others of like mind. We know how beautiful you are and look forward to you “catching up”!

Please feel free to call on us to help you with this. Don’t’ be shy. We are here to help you see YOU. Have fun with this and know that you are loved and supported by so many of us as we connect on a grand scale. Colleen says we are forming an “Intergalactic Internet”. She’s right. Exciting stuff!

Until next time, Lon

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