Introduction to Lon

Hello! My name is Colleen McCann. I am a Chiropractor by training, but for the last several years, my practice became more and more energetically focused. I now, for lack of a more interesting title, call myself an Energy Healer/Expander. I slowly let go of the Chiropractic work, leaving it to my husband Dave who is an amazing doctor of Chiropractic. With his complete support, I have fully immersed myself in working with peoples’ energies, facilitating positive shifts.


A number of years ago, “others” started coming through in our sessions. This included, and still includes, ascended masters, spirit guides, deceased people and pets, etc. This is all really cool and blew my mind at the time, but the most amazing has been the appearance of what we would refer to as extra terrestrials.


I was not seeking anything to do with ETs. That was never my intention or focus. However, a few years ago, much to my surprise and bafflement, 3 showed up. Honestly, I didn’t know what this meant or even if it could be real. The thing with me is that I am very open. Open to possibilities. Open and receptive to what is out there. What we see with our eyes alone is not even close to what can be experienced.


So, I started to notice from working with clients, that there were 3 of them. 2 male and 1 female. After some time, I (with the help of a friend) decided to give them names, just to be able to identify them when they would “show up”. We called them, with their permission, Fred, Susie and Terry. They would come through during peoples’ sessions more and more, aiding in healing work. They would also request assistance from me at times. Really neat stuff that probably sounds crazy, but was profound and continues to be.


Some time passed and one by one, they each revealed the names they wanted to be called in unique ways. All the details aside, “Fred” was now Lon. “Susie” was now Star. “Terry” was now Hall. They have been more helpful that I could ever adequately describe right now. You can take my word for it, or not. It’s up to you. Believe me…I am not here to try to cram anything down anyone’s throat or attempt to convince you of all this. I am only sharing this with a broader audience because it is time.


I started channeling messages from Lon on June 2nd. I had no idea that I could actually do this but was assured for some time. The messages are interesting, often touching, and at the very least, food for thought. I usually start them with a little bit about where I am at at the time, which is usually not in the mood to do it. And as much as I dislike being told what to do, I value Lon’s friendship and assistance more than I can say, so I do the channeling when he says it is time.


I have asked who they are and always get a “yes” on tall grays. I work so much with Arcturians and have a huge connection with that group, but these guys consistently give me that they are tall grays and reside somewhere near the Orion constellation. I am not one who studies this kind of stuff, nor am I inclined to start. I have found over the years that I value seeing what is revealed to me rather than buying into other people’s findings. I am here to be expansive, not to be trapped in a defined box made up by someone else.


Anyway, this is at least a part of my story. I hope you enjoy Lon’s messages. Many people tell me that they feel better when they read them, or are touched deeply. I love it and I know he does too. He and his friends are here to help us. These guys are higher vibrational, multidimensional and have a much broader perspective of what is possible than we do. And as I like to say…we are not the sharpest tools in the intergalactic shed! Enjoy the channeled reading and please comment if you like.



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