Whenever I am energetically checking a person, animal, office or home, one of the first things I check for is dead people.

When I say “dead people”, I am referring mainly to those souls who passed away, but still linger on this plane…they are stuck.

This is what I have learned from my personal dealings with them and helping clients with them: they tend to have died “tragically”. By this I mean they were murdered, suicides, sudden accident, traumatic illness, etc. Their vibrations tend to be very low, and as a result, many of us (who are sensitive) can “feel their stuff”.

I always use the example of who this group is NOT…they are never the kindly old grandma, who lived a long happy life, who passes gently in the night surrounded by loved ones. Those souls tend to move on to whatever our next step is. I refer to this as “moving on to the light”.

When I come across someone who has not yet moved on, I ask them if they are ready to do so. If I receive a “yes”, I ask my dead-person-go-to-guy/escort, Jesus, if he is the one to help them move on. More often than not, Jesus is the guy! On rare occasions, they want someone else.

If they are not yet ready to move on, I ask them what they need in order to be ready to “go to the light”. Often times, it is some trapped negative emotional energy they need cleared. Or perhaps some “curse” energy lifted. Sometimes they are energetically 
“corded” to someone or something or have taken a “vow” that is preventing them from leaving this plane. At times, they have something that they need to say.

Whatever their request, I help them with it until they are finally ready to move on. At that point I call on Jesus and we do our thing to help them move on. It’s actually pretty simple.

Now, this is not to be confused with a spirit who has moved on, but comes back to hang out. For example, a parent who remains with you in spirit and you can sense at times. If it is someone like this, and they spook you, or you would prefer that they show themselves in another way, just talk to them and make your request, such as “Mom…please don’t get my attention by opening and closing my cupboard doors!”

I always tell my clients that one way to determine if you have a dead person attached to you is if you feel unlike yourself or like you, but “times 1000”. For example…one day I was driving to my dentist and I was driving like a real jackass! I was weaving in and out of traffic, getting really agitated, throwing my hands up in the air to express my outrage to others. Yikes! I even said, to myself, out loud…”I am driving like a dude”.

When I got home, I expected my husband to be home and he wasn’t. I immediately started crying like a crazy person (as he is allowed to leave the house!) and then it hit me…I was not only feeling like someone else, but also feeling super emotional (I am emotional) but over the top emotional…times 1000!

I checked myself and found that I had “picked up” a dead man. I figured out what he needed and let him go. Within moments I felt fine again and my husband called from the scooter store, asking me to come join him. All was well again!

When these lower vibrational souls are in us, or in our space, they can lower our vibrations, or the vibrations of our homes and offices. When they are able to move on, the change in energy is often palpable.

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