Channeling Lon #19

Good morning! Thank you for joining us again. We are pleased, as always, to talk to all that are ready to move forward. We delight in playing with those of you who want more than what the eyes can see.


Do you feel impactful? Are you feeling that you are making a difference in your world? If you do not, you may not be looking closely enough. You may be measuring your impact by out dated means. Or perhaps by using someone else’s measuring device.


Let us assure you, beautiful souls, that by simply loving yourself, you are impacting and benefitting the world. For every smile to a friend or a stranger, you are giving to and impacting the world. Every appreciation of beauty is a positive impact. Every act of love and generosity, no matter how “small”, is you impacting your world in a positive way and everyone benefits.


We understand that this is not how you are trained, and this is not what is celebrated on your televisions and magazines, but please rest assured…it all makes a difference. Anything that raises your vibration is of benefit to all.


Let us look a little more closely at self love: we suggest that you notice when you feel the most love for yourself. What is happening at these times? Is your self love dependent on external events? Do you only feel love for yourself when everything is going “right”? And when things turn in another, less wanted direction, does your love fade or disappear? Or worse, turn to self hatred?


This month, Colleen has very intimately experienced that her love for herself has become dependent on how much money she makes…or doesn’t make. As if her income makes her lovable, or not. What a ridiculous notion! How many of you have experienced this conditional love? And not only for yourselves, but for others as well?


Our suggestion is to look for where you conditionally love yourselves and find even deeper love and appreciation for you at those times. Love is always the goal.


As always, you may call upon us to guide and assist you in all of this!


Until next time,



Channeling Lon #18

Channeling Lon #18

This message is about opening your heart.


Colleen attended a talk last week about living from the heart and experienced a process called Open Heart Meditation. She felt deep peace in those few minutes. And it is no coincidence that the next morning, she channeled our last message in which she felt extremely vulnerable and exposed. By tapping into her heart, something was unlocked, if you will. (She wants me to thank you all for your lovely feedback and support of this last message).


Upon reflection, after receiving our last message, she felt a great deal of discomfort. However, she began to get clear about her heart, and how she doesn’t connect with people in the way that she ultimately longs for. She feels a block, or a wall with most people and doesn’t understand why. She considers herself caring and loving, but there is something missing… unconditional self love. She knows that she is wonderful in many ways, but there is a very deep void. And this void is expressed every time she interacts with most people as feelings of awkwardness, discomfort and feeling ultimately less than on a deep level.


To all of this, we say “Hurray!” as this discomfort and her willingness to be vulnerable are the keys to true love and deep happiness on a level she does not yet comprehend. We dare say, most people have yet to experience the depth of self love that we refer to here. And we applaud Colleen, as always, for her openness to hear us, and send it out into the world. And as she is willing to bare, what she considers her “flaws”, she allows others to do the same and heal.


Keep in mind…you did not come into your bodies in order to spend your time and energy maintaining a facade of “perfection”, whatever that is! You are here to experience YOUR life to its fullest as the beautiful, loving creators that you are!


Does any of this resonate for you? If so, it is your chance to start the process of healing your heart and discovering true unconditional self love. There are a plethora of avenues available for such healing…your mission is to find the one that is right for you. And as you discover deep unconditional love for yourself, loving others is inevitable!


We love and support you all in your amazing quest to discover the depths of you and remember, our help is always but a request away!


Until next time,



Channeling Lon #17  Permission to be YOU!

Channeling Lon #17 Permission to be YOU!

Channeling Lon #17

This is very difficult for Colleen today. She is feeling out of sorts, and down and wondering if she has lost her sense of purpose. She doesn’t want to be channeling today and feels that it is getting harder every time rather than easier. She fears that she is doing it wrong. She is doubting her worth as a human…as if she is doing that wrong too.


Do any of you ever have these same feelings? Like you are doing life wrong? As we are writing this , she is thinking “what the hell…why are you exposing me like this?”


The fact is, that when you compare yourself to anyone, you are doing a disservice to you and therefore the world. You, my beautiful friends, are here to be you. End of story. No comparisons necessary.


Colleen has the entire day to herself. Her appointment had to reschedule, so she is free to do anything. When she compares herself to others, she feels that she should go somewhere, do something on this beautiful sunny day. However, more and more, she has no desire to do anything away from the house if she is alone (and Dave is out of town). She just wants to mess around at home and relax and enjoy herself. However, that enjoyment is diluted or destroyed by comparing herself to what she thinks she “should” be doing.


My question to all of you is…Who decides what you “should” do? Or who you “should” be? What if you, even as just a little experiment, YOU become the “who” in this equation, even just for one day. What if you were to leave all judgement and comparisons at the door and just be YOU. Anyone interested in playing this game? I dare you!


When you all see your individual perfection, life will become so much more.


Until next time,



Channeling Lon #16  Are You Ready to Join the Party?

Channeling Lon #16 Are You Ready to Join the Party?

Channeling Lon #16

How are you feeling? Is there any sense of let down after the “big day” (12/21/12)? Much ado has been made about one particular day and many predictions have been made. Many prophecies have been thrown about. But, if Colleen is any example, life is rolling along as usual. Nothing dramatic. Just seemingly another day.


Shifting has happened and will continue to happen to the degree you allow it. This is a process, not an event. The more you open yourself up to the magic, or even just the possibility of the magic of life, the more shifting you will be aware of. Colleen has felt an ever increasing shifting for the last few years, so more shifting almost feels normal to her.


With so much build up to 12/12/12, this has created more of a global community of those who are ready for change…ready to move beyond the mere 3rd density way of life. It’s been a fork in the road for anyone waking up. A crossroads at which you ask yourself, “Am I willing to experience this awakening and learn to fly or would I prefer to stay asleep and continue plodding along?” The choice, my friends, is always yours and always available, regardless of what the date is on your calendar. This is your soul’s journey and your decision when and where to go.


Colleen has been telling more and more people that when you open up to the magic of the unseen, life opens up and gets better and better and more and more fun. As always, we invite you to join the party.


Until next time,




Channeling Lon #15  Party Atmosphere for Faster Acclimation

Channeling Lon #15 Party Atmosphere for Faster Acclimation

Channeling Lon #15

Greetings! We are entering a time of great celebrations and an intense energetic shift. As energies get stronger and stronger, it is a wonderful time to fully enjoy the parties and gatherings of all kinds. One reason for this is that by gathering with like minded people with whom you have fun, you allow yourself to acclimate to the energies at a more rapid pace. In other words, you are in the most allowing place to keep up to speed, if you will.


As always, we advise, or, highly recommend, that you do your best to allow the new energies to flow through you without impedance to the best of your ability. We understand that this is no easy task, but we admire the capacity in which more and more of you are able to go with the flow through these white water rapid-like times.


Colleen, in difficult times, often reframes how she looks at the situation to make it more empowering or tolerable and sometimes even renames it. And this is what we suggest to you at this time…you can call it your Wild Ride to Awesomeville, USA, as Colleen might say. She does her best when she can make it amusing and fun for herself. She has definitely learned the profound value of having fun!


Find things that makes you happy and help you to be in the vibration of fun and levity during this ride. Let go of those who do not value fun and laughter. They are on a very different ride, I guarantee it. Those who are on the ride to “Awesomeville” are on this particular ride due to an ever expanding understanding, or knowing, that tremendous delights are being orchestrated from a much broader perspective than what you can “see”.


We are so delighted that you have chosen this particular ride and always remember we are with you to help…you only need ask.



Channeling Lon #14

Channeling Lon #14


Hello again. On this holiday, the name “Thanksgiving” is something to pay attention to in a more profound way than ever before. (This channel will be more of a vibrational message than anything, so feel it to your highest capacity.)


Everything is a gift. Everything. Everything is something to be grateful for. Your mind will undoubtedly immediately find evidence to the contrary, but it is true.


Colleen experienced this yesterday on her way up to visit friends in Sacramento. Before leaving on their journey, they discovered that Dave’s truck had been broken into and the contents were taken. This included his chiropractic table and some other adjusting tools that he wanted to bring on the trip. He took responsibility for his potential part in the loss, and Colleen supported him and didn’t get upset.


As they embarked on their drive, Colleen suddenly experienced profound gratitude for all of it in a way that was new for her. She was filled with amazement and trust in the perfection of the orchestration of her life. She wondered if the delay that it caused may have prevented them from being in the path of an accident, or perhaps that table, being so old needed to be replaced so that no one would be hurt on it, or any of a million possibilities. She just knew that it was perfect in the big picture.


Are you beginning to get the feeling of this?


The more you can allow for the possibility that all is indeed well and that you are surrounded by helpers in many forms, and not fall into the trap of blaming others when things don’t happen in the way you perceive is appropriate, life will shift for you.


We invite you to play with the idea that your life is ready to open up for you in magical seeming ways if only you allow it. Things are not what they appear to be,my friends…it is so much more and the expansion that is available is only limited by you.


Be conscious of your gratitude and slow to judge what you have “known” to be “wrong” or “unfair” and trust in the beauty of a loving, magnificent universe and be willing to find your perfect place in the unfolding of the magic.


As always, we are here to be of service and fun and support for you; you

simply need to ask.


Know that you are loved well beyond the confines of your lovely planet and we look forward to playing with you.


Until next time,




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