Channeling Lon #15  Party Atmosphere for Faster Acclimation

Channeling Lon #15 Party Atmosphere for Faster Acclimation

Channeling Lon #15

Greetings! We are entering a time of great celebrations and an intense energetic shift. As energies get stronger and stronger, it is a wonderful time to fully enjoy the parties and gatherings of all kinds. One reason for this is that by gathering with like minded people with whom you have fun, you allow yourself to acclimate to the energies at a more rapid pace. In other words, you are in the most allowing place to keep up to speed, if you will.


As always, we advise, or, highly recommend, that you do your best to allow the new energies to flow through you without impedance to the best of your ability. We understand that this is no easy task, but we admire the capacity in which more and more of you are able to go with the flow through these white water rapid-like times.


Colleen, in difficult times, often reframes how she looks at the situation to make it more empowering or tolerable and sometimes even renames it. And this is what we suggest to you at this time…you can call it your Wild Ride to Awesomeville, USA, as Colleen might say. She does her best when she can make it amusing and fun for herself. She has definitely learned the profound value of having fun!


Find things that makes you happy and help you to be in the vibration of fun and levity during this ride. Let go of those who do not value fun and laughter. They are on a very different ride, I guarantee it. Those who are on the ride to “Awesomeville” are on this particular ride due to an ever expanding understanding, or knowing, that tremendous delights are being orchestrated from a much broader perspective than what you can “see”.


We are so delighted that you have chosen this particular ride and always remember we are with you to help…you only need ask.



Channeling Lon #14

Channeling Lon #14


Hello again. On this holiday, the name “Thanksgiving” is something to pay attention to in a more profound way than ever before. (This channel will be more of a vibrational message than anything, so feel it to your highest capacity.)


Everything is a gift. Everything. Everything is something to be grateful for. Your mind will undoubtedly immediately find evidence to the contrary, but it is true.


Colleen experienced this yesterday on her way up to visit friends in Sacramento. Before leaving on their journey, they discovered that Dave’s truck had been broken into and the contents were taken. This included his chiropractic table and some other adjusting tools that he wanted to bring on the trip. He took responsibility for his potential part in the loss, and Colleen supported him and didn’t get upset.


As they embarked on their drive, Colleen suddenly experienced profound gratitude for all of it in a way that was new for her. She was filled with amazement and trust in the perfection of the orchestration of her life. She wondered if the delay that it caused may have prevented them from being in the path of an accident, or perhaps that table, being so old needed to be replaced so that no one would be hurt on it, or any of a million possibilities. She just knew that it was perfect in the big picture.


Are you beginning to get the feeling of this?


The more you can allow for the possibility that all is indeed well and that you are surrounded by helpers in many forms, and not fall into the trap of blaming others when things don’t happen in the way you perceive is appropriate, life will shift for you.


We invite you to play with the idea that your life is ready to open up for you in magical seeming ways if only you allow it. Things are not what they appear to be,my friends…it is so much more and the expansion that is available is only limited by you.


Be conscious of your gratitude and slow to judge what you have “known” to be “wrong” or “unfair” and trust in the beauty of a loving, magnificent universe and be willing to find your perfect place in the unfolding of the magic.


As always, we are here to be of service and fun and support for you; you

simply need to ask.


Know that you are loved well beyond the confines of your lovely planet and we look forward to playing with you.


Until next time,




Channeling Lon #13

Channeling Lon #13


Well, it’s been a while, but here we go!


Hello everyone. It’s good to speak with you all again.


This has been quite a time of transitions and changes, yes? Fast, yet slow. Exciting, yet dreadful at times. We appreciate the extent to which many of you are attempting to go with the flow of it. Not easy, we know. We want you to remember during these times, that you are doing well, and you are safe, and everything is unfolding perfectly, despite the physical, emotional and spiritual discomfort you may be experiencing.


One might compare this to growing pains. You are becoming bigger. You are expanding into previously unknown territory. You are on the front lines of expansion and that is far from easy for most of you as it doesn’t seem to fit with the world you have known up to now. Don’t worry dear ones. It really is all perfect. I almost wish that I could offer you the chance to go back to your old life, but would you really want that? “Comfortable”, yet numb? Stifled awareness? We don’t think so.


Colleen has really been going through it lately in various cycles of growth. The most recent was a shedding, if you will, of her old self and a birthing or hatching, as Dave put it, into her bigger self. This left her feeling extremely raw and vulnerable, but as difficult as it has been, she has allowed it and expressed her raw emotions like never before. Because of this, she feels cleaner and ready to move forward. She is always up for the next step.


There is no going back and this is a good thing. You are warriors on the forefront of expansion. Be open to your guides and your internal guidance. Surround yourselves with the best of everything…friends, family, entertainment, beauty, fun that support your growth. Stay away as much as possible from anything and anyone who inhibits growth and expansion. We need you at your best and most allowing of expansion. There are many of us that are awaiting your “ok” to help you on your path. You just need to, as Colleen loves to say, “sign our permission slips” so that we can be of service to you and your planet.


Massive shifting is happening and we appreciate, with all of our being, those of you who are desirous to be part of it.


We love you and look forward to our work together.



Channeling Lon #12

Channeling Lon #12

Hello friends!


Who are you? Do you have any idea as to who you are? Do you know that you are bigger than a mountain? More powerful than the sea? More brilliant than the most intricate designs of nature? Do you know that you once knew this and have forgotten?


Our suggestion to you is to, as Colleen would say, “try it on for a while”. Try on having a knowing that this is true. See if just by being open to the possibility you crack through the facade that you all have of what is “real”.


This may sound like science fiction, but this knowing is what we are proceeding toward at an ever increasing pace. When you feel discomfort, basically it is you not meshing with YOU. There seems to be a feeling of incongruence. The wider the gap between you and YOU, the more discomfort. The lesser the gap, the more joy and magic. All you need to do is decide that you are willing to play with this idea and “try it on”.


That’s it for now. Lon


Channeling Lon #11

Channeling Lon #11


Good morning. Are you finding yourself feeling lost? With no clear direction? As if your compass has failed you? If so you are not alone. This is indeed a time of great change and a time of recalibration. This is a time to weather the storm…hold on to whatever can anchor you. You will find your direction and clear purpose. We promise. In these changing times, our advice is to be like a very tall tree, for example, Colleen’s favorite the palm tree, and gracefully bend and sway in these windy times. Not breaking, just bending and swaying. Know that your roots are deep enough to keep you safe and grounded. Continue to ease into the new higher vibrations and acclimate to them. If these energies make you feel uncomfortable, just know that they are allowing you to shed off the old, tired energies that are no longer serving you. You, like Colleen, may be revisiting old feelings, old patterns, and your job is to simply acknowledge them and let them go. The more you do this, the better and lighter you will feel. You are not lost…you are simply feeling your way home through energies of the past.


Be grateful for these times that feel less than pleasant. They are clearance times. Releasing the old and making room for the glorious new.


Hang in there, my friends! The best is indeed yet to come!!!



Channeling Lon #10  Acclimating to New Energy

Channeling Lon #10 Acclimating to New Energy

Channeling Lon #10

Good morning! Another beautiful day to be alive! Are you experiencing the intensity of the quickening energies? Has this felt like a hardship? If so, know that you are not alone in your feelings of struggle and heaviness. You may want to consider this experience as developing a new muscle. Kind of a work out of sorts. This is not the end of energies intensifying, my friends. The more that you can acclimate and appreciate it, the better off and happier you will be. Time to keep up. Go into it with determination and a sense of ease, as contradicting as this feels to Colleen right now. You are preparing for bigger and bigger shifts and as you acclimate to these energies, the more prepared you are for more profound shifting. And please note, my friends, these shifts are wonderful; they are fantastical. But for those in resistance to all of it, it will be less than pleasant. Some of you are uneasy about change, but can’t you see the tremendous need for it on your planet? Your beautiful planet needs some shaking up and this is preparation for it. This synchronizing process is all a part of the large scale preparation taking place. It is the “A ticket” my friends. (Colleen wants those of you who are too young to know this old Disneyland reference that this is the top of the line ticket!).

The synchronizing process is a gathering of tremendous amounts of beings from across the galaxies who are here to help you; to be your support net. To help you through. We love you and do this out of love for you and out of respect for your beautiful planet. We are here to aid you in your next jump. The next level of humanity. Your further expansion. Beautiful, right? If this sounds like too much for you, sit down and close your eyes and ask for help. You are not alone, my friends. You have more help than you could ever imagine. We are here to help and root you on. We are working for your success.

So hang in there my friends and know that you are not alone, you are fully supported and that you are preparing for a great jump. It won’t be life as you know it. It will be better…more beautiful. More loving . More magical. Sound good?

Until next time, Lon

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